Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 15

A picture of something you want to do before you die

There are so many things, and honestly I can't just think of one. So I googled top 100 things people want to do before they die. Surprisingly I can check pretty many off the top 100 list, I am pretty proud! But here are a few things I would like to do...

1. Be a member of the audience in a TV show. But not just any show...

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Seriously, I love this woman!

2. Find a job you love

Yes, I love being a stay at home mom. It is the best job in the entire world, but my kids are only going to be little for so long and I would like to someday say that I absolutely love my job!!

3. Grow a garden.

I've tried, and I failed. I would absolutely love to have fresh veggies right in my back yard!! Hey, maybe that's my dream job! ha!!

4. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

I could go on and on!!


Sarah said...

Awww, Ellen!!! My 'new' family lives in Cali & are in with some celebrities. They said they could try and work their magic & get some tickets!!! I'll have to hook you up :)

Have you decided what you want to go to school for yet?? Of course what I want to do requires 8 years BLAH!!!

Gardens are a lot harder than people would think!!! Luke's Papa & Uncle plant enough that the whole town wouldn't have to worry about having their own garden. But nothing would be more of an accomplishment knowing you provided your family with that food. ArArAr

Kim said...

My sister in law also lives in Cali.. We have never had the chance to go visit her, but I think if I get tickets it will be the perfect excuse!!!

I would love to go for Ultrasound Tech. I would love to work in a OB-GYN office, but not necessarily just for that. And its only a 2 year program.. we'll see!

The "garden" I had only had tomatoes and jalapenos. The jalaps made it, the tomatoes didn't make it past my dogs! Errr!!!