Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 4

A picture of your night
Let me tell you about my very uneventful evening..
This momma has had a headache every single day since I found out I was pregnant again.

And let me tell you, along with a headache I am very annoyed by everything and very short tempered. Some nights I just want to get in my car and drive. no radio, no talking. just a little piece and quiet. But then I start to feel guilty because I know Landon is only having fun and Dane is trying to entertain him by yelling at the top of his lungs and no matter how many times I say to please quiet down that my head hurts, he doesn't. (venting..)

Anyways, besides the headache.. my night was pretty relaxing. We ate dinner and watched TV. Landon and I cuddled in bed and he fell asleep and daddy left and went for a run.

Its moments like this that I love the most. I don't care how big he gets, He better snuggle with his momma forever!!!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed where one day I can leave the house, just me, enjoy 8 hours to myself. Then come home for 2 hours and then leave again for another hour.

Dream on Momma.


Adrien said...

Darn it, I wonder what is causing those stinkin headaches! Let me see if I can look something up. Haha....

Adrien said...


I really couldn't resist. :)

Kim Luke said...

ahh thanks Adrien!! hopefully its right and it only last the first trimester.. im almost through it!!!

Sarah said...

You're not the only one. I get headaches everyday too :(

At first I thought they were from caffine withdraws, but 23 weeks later I think that idea has been ruled out!