Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bump Update

How Far Along: 15 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: + .5lbs the past 4 weeks.. so total -.5lbs

Maternity Clothes: pants, yes please. shirts, I'm still OK

Gender: I'm still thinking BOY. But we find out April 25th!!!

Movement: I felt flutters for the first time last night!!!! At first I thought it was the white castle I had for lunch, but I felt it again this morning.. so I knew it was BABY!!!!!!!!

Sleep: I average about 4-6 hours a night..mostly just lay there listening to Landon & Dane snore.

What I miss: all my summer clothes. with this warm weather coming, nothing is fitting that fit last summer.. kinda depressing. and most maternity clothes are ugly!

Cravings: Today= Bread Co! Me & Landon are going there for lunch! :)

This past week I've had to force myself to eat things, I'm hungry but nothing sounds great.

Symptoms: Other than the little flutters, nothing! I don't feel pregnant yet!

Best Moment this week: feeling baby move & Landon being the best kid EVER at the doctors office!!!! I was so worried that he was going to be a wild man since it was just me & him going to this appointment.. but he was SO good. I was SHOCKED.

As soon as Doctor Snowden put the doppler on my belly the conversation began with Landon and Snowden.

Landon "that's baby".

Snowden "yep, that's your baby brother or sister"

Landon "that's my baby" (as he lifts up his shirt)

Snowden "if that baby is in your belly, we have problems"

Landon "Oh.".......long pause....... "Shoes" as he points to Snowdens shoes.

Snowden "Yep, Look how much bigger my shoes are than yours" (puts his foot up next to Landon's"

Landon "whoooaaa"


I am one proud momma of 2 healthy growing babies!!!!!!


Adrien said...

Hehehe...Landon is such a cutie! Glad he behaved for you; I would have been sweating bullets on that one! :)

Cassie said...

Awww, Landon you are too cute. You will be the best big brother!!