Friday, April 8, 2011

Confession Friday

*I confess I'm afraid to go back into Waterloo Walgreen's for a long time!!!!!!

(If you missed me saying what happened on FB, let me explain. Wednesday night we ran out of milk so Landon and I headed to Walgreen's. As I was pulling into the parking lot I realized I forgot to put a bra on. I had a t-shirt on so I thought it would be OK. I figured I'd hold Landon instead of putting him in a cart to help hide the girls. So we get over to the milk and I pick up the first gallon and immediately put it under my right arm and start to reach for another gallon. BAD IDEA. The first gallon I picked up had a hole in the bottom of it the size of a dime. ALL over the girls, all down my legs, all over Landon and the floor. REALLY??? So Now I had to put Landon down, go find a worker. Then go back and get 2 more gallons. By then I just didn't care, I was pissed. Let the girls point out, if they could give the middle finger, they would have!!!! Baha. Horrible Walgreen's trip!!!!!)

*I confess that if I'm not able to get my hair done soon I'm going to cry. Like real sobbing tears.

*I confess I was really looking forward to Mommy's night out tonight.. But babies come first, and I totally understand!! *Feel better Kenedi*

*I confess that men don't understand hormones. NOT ONE BIT. nor do they try to.

or maybe its just my husband.

*I confess that if I continue to walk with my bff, I'm going to lose weight. Holy crap my entire body hurt after our walk last night!!!! Pushing a stroller up hill, against the wind is hard work! I'm going to lose all my baby weight if I push a double stroller on that route! woowee!!!

*I confess that I took 6 pictures of the kids last night on our walk. And this is the ONLY picture that Landon isn't looking at Stella. He loves her so much, he doesn't want to take his eyes off her! hehe See, even trying to put his arm around her!!! he loves "baby ella!"

Nothing too exciting this week.. except a lot of hormones! :)

What do you have to confess about?!?!?!


Cassie said...

bahahaha, i love that picture and stella's wild wind hair. too funny.

Adrien said...

Awww...that picture is so cute!

I confess that on our walk last night, our family took a detour so that I could stop in the tanning salon. Haha. Eric walked the girls around the block while I went inside. :)

Heather Rahn said...

You two are so going to be in-laws some day.

Cassie said...

Ha - Heather, omg, we would have our hands full!! lol.