Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 25

A picture of your day

(Yesterday because when I post in the morning, I had no idea what our day had in store!)

Landon and I did a whole lot of NOTHING. and it was WONDERFUL! He was the most relaxed, chill kid yesterday. We literally laid around and cuddled 90% of the day. Trust me, I felt like a lazy bum come last night, but I soaked it up! It doesn't happen very often where he will let me cuddle with him for longer than 10 seconds!!!!

So here is a picture of what our day consisted of yesterday...

Yep! Cartoons galore!!!! We are getting out of the house today for a bit.. we both need to keep our sanity! :)


Adrien said...

Evelyn has discovered Toy Story 3. We now watch it every day, haha.

Sarah said...

story of my life!! with the exception of manny of course :)

Kim Luke said...

Luke would probably like Manny if his mommy would let him watch it! lol