Friday, April 15, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess my husband and I had a heart to heart talk yesterday about him using our bathroom.

I am giving him 1 more chance. (bahaha, that sounds so wrong.. let me explain) He has been the last person 2 nights this week to use the restroom before we go to bed.. Well, I wake up several times a night to pee.. and well I don't want to turn on any lights because It will wake me up too much...... and well when I sat down I fell in the toilet (literally) because he left the toilet seat up...twice. this week! not fun.

I confess I feel my itty bitty baby moving all over in my belly now and it keeps me up most of the night, but I don't mind because its the best feeling ever!!!

I confess I made a poll on the right side of my blog -------> you should take it!

only 10 days left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I confess that Landon truly redeemed himself at the South County Steak n Shake from the last time we were there. Very proud of my big boy!!

I confess that by the number of "followers" I have (22), I sometimes wonder if my daily posts are necessary. boo

I confess that I am placing my first (I'm sure of many) orders with Georgetown Cupcakes. Do you ever watch DC Cupcakes on TLC? Well I am absolutely obsessed, and I am dying to try their cupcakes!!!!

I confess I am planning a Toy Story party for Landon.. not Handy Manny anymore.. SO if you have any cute ideas I could do for decorations, favors, food, cake/cupcake, etc... PLEASE let me know!!

I confess that my hubby fixed my laptop, so I didn't even have to get out of bed to write this confession! booya!

Well we are off to return decorations and buy a birthday present for my niece Emma! Happy Friday Everyone, and don't forget to leave your confessions! :)


Cassie said...

I confess that I voted GIRL! YAY 10 more days!

I confess that I love you new little springy layout.

And I confess that when Josh and I first moved in together he used to leave the set up ALL the time. I said everytime I catch it up he has to buy me something, TRUST ME, it quickly changed!! lol.

Adrien said...

Your first confession cracks me UP!

I confess that I blog EVERYWHERE...the living room, our bedroom, the bathroom...bahaha. Nobody will eeeever know. they will...

P.S. 22 blog followers is nothing to sneeze at. I know GREAT blogs that have less than that!

P.P.S. Toy Story party would be super easy if you ran a little more with the cowboy theme! Let me know if you need ideas. :)

Sarah said...

Don't worry about the number of followers!! I follow you everyday lol. Plus!! I have a lot of people who say they read my blog all the time YET aren't followers. Bungholes!!

I love DC Cupcakes! But Buddy & I have a special relationship. I've always wanted to order something from Carlo's!!

If your having a Toy Story party, I'm just going to break the news to Luke that he needs a different theme (like the one Mommy wanted in the beginning)! "Sorry Luke but Landon is already having a Toy Story party" haha

Wooohooo NO Handy Manny theme. Mannn, I read you like a book!

Heather Rahn said...

Love the new layout! I confess that I voted Girl too...just because no one is having one that I know. So SOMEONE has to give up a girl sooner or later.

Meagan said...

I confess that I totally think you are having a girl!

I confess that I've been "stuck" with 19 followers forever & I can't stand it!!

Kim Luke said...

Cassie I love the idea that he has to buy me something everytime!!! haha, i might have to mention that!

I have a couple ideas for the party, but Adrien if you have more--please share! I love the cowboy theme, but everytime I say "woody" Landon says "and buzz" lol so I can't forget about buzz!!

Sarah Luke's party is 6 months from Landons, noone will even remember what Landons party theme was! Plus, I might have left over decor!!! lol

Thanks for all the votes, right now its 10 girls, 4 boys. And I was one of the Boy votes, lol so only 3 other people think boy??? im shocked!!

Adrien said...

I say boy. :) I WANT to say girl...but I picture Landon with a brother.

Sarah said...

I voted boy!! Just because I secretly hope I'm not the only one with TWO boys!! :)

I don't want a Toy Story party. My house already has Buzz & Woody EVERYWHERE!!!

Kim Luke said...

well I wanted a manny party, i had the decor bought, the menu made, games planned. everythinggggg. now i am back to where i started 6 months ago. with nothing! lol
o well, 2 months is plenty of time to plan a party!

I agree, I just see myself with all boys.. I guess I just can't imagine having girls, who knows! :)