Friday, April 1, 2011

Confession Friday

*I confess that Landon is convinced there is a baby in his belly! Every time we listen to baby with our doppler, Landon thinks he needs to lotion up and put the doppler on his tummy. Its cute!

*I confess I ate an entire head of lettuce this week.

*I confess Landon's favorite food is a "dog dog" (hot dog) and now he calls his pee pee "dog dog". I don't know how to fix that one. lol

*I confess I had the best/worst April Fools day prank pulled on me 6 years ago. Thanks again Cassie, I will never forget that!!!!!!

*I confess that I am still in shock that my bff is having a BOY!!!! so excited! :)

*I confess that I was super bummed to miss the Cards home opener yesterday..but sitting on the recliner with Landon in my pj's under a blanket was pretty amazing too!!!

*I confess that my family has a secret.. and if everything goes through like planned, it could mean a H.U.G.E change for the Luke Family!!!

*I confess I told my sister 15 minutes ago that I would be ready in 30 minutes. And I haven't moved from the computer chair. oops?

Happy Friday!!! Have a great weekend!!!!!


Adrien said...

Aww, now this isn't secrets and untold prank stories?? You're killing me here, haha.

I confess that Evie's favorite food is also the "dog dog" and it kind of makes me feel bad. Really Ev? I'm offering you roast and potatoes and you'd rather eat a hot dog??

Pettijohn said...

I confess that since my belly is getting biger and noticeably Wyatt now walks around with his belly pouched out and says he pregnant. Kinda of funny but scary also.

Cassie said...

I am drawing a blank on this prank. Hmmm, musta been a good one.
And a secret. Hello I'm your bff and why do I not know this secret. TWINS? TRIPS? Bahaha. kidding.
But seriosuly, tell me. Even just a small hint. Pretty please......

Sarah said...

I confess that Luke thinks TRAVIS has a baby in his belly. I mean....I don't blame him. It sure as heck looks a lot like Mommy's.

Kim Luke said...

haha the prank had to do with a physco ex i had.... long story :)

Cassie. ugh, disappointed. lol
you know now. shhh :) lub you.

Sarah- that is hilarious!!!!! I could just imagine the face on Travis's face when Luke said there was a baby in his belly!! LOL