Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bump Update

How Far Along: 18 weeks;measuring 7oz

Total Weight Gain/Loss: -1 lb this month. Still -1 lb overall

Maternity Clothes: are expensive!!!

Gender: GIRL!!!!!!! Yes, I'm still in shock & pinching myself!!!!!

Movement: I feel her all the time!!!

Sleep: whats that?? I average 4 hours a night. sigh.

What I miss: My favorite pair of shorts

Cravings: Nothing!! That is where these pregnancies are TOTALLY different!!! I would have eaten anything and everything in sight with Landon!

Symptoms: Just movement. I don't feel pregnant at all!!

Best Moment this week: Finding out I'm going to have a daughter! We are still deciding on a name..Although I know exactly what her name is going to be, I'm waiting to announce to be sure we are 100% positive! !:)

One boy, One Girl! Ahh, I'm on cloud nine!! but the thought of having a mini me is kinda scary I must admit.. ;)