Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's a Rootinest Tootinest Party!

Less than 2 months until Landon's Birthday Party!!!

Which means planning and making decorations are OFFICIALLY STARTED!!! Although I get stressed to the max planning a party or event.. I absolutely love it!!!

After the melt down in Wal-Mart after returning the Handy Manny decorations and saying No to the Mickey, we decided on Toy Story! And with only 2 months til the party, We will NOT be changing this theme. Unless Landon empties his piggy bank and pays for it himself! lol

Invitations are made! This is the only recent picture I have of Landon smiling, but I have a few weeks to get another picture....

As you see, I've been trying to get a picture of him wearing his Woody shirt... but I'm failing....

Oh 2's are so much fun!!!

Here is what I have come up with for the menu for the day:

Buzz Lightyear's UFO Burgers

Slinky's Wiener Dogs
Mr. Potato Head's Salad or Fries (haven't decided which yet)

Bulleye's Baked Beans

Woody's S'more Pops

Alien Juice

I haven't thought of a food/drink/dessert item for Jesse yet. I plan on having chips and dips, but haven't thought of what to call it yet.

So if you have any other ideas, please share!!!! :)

I've decided I am not going to do a cake this year, after the disaster of a cake I had last year, I am going to stick with cupcakes!

The games I have planned so far are:

toss the snake into the boot

pin the badge on woody

Army man estimation

possibly a pull string pinata (depending on if I can find one)

And possibly best dressed will win a prize. I haven't decided yet, But I was thinking about asking guests to dress as their favorite Toy Story character!

Well that's all I have for now... I guess it's a start!!!!

Again, if you have any ideas--

please share!!!


Cassie said...

ohhh - i love the dress up theme!! yay! we are game. and i will be busy googling costumes for the next hour. lol.

Adrien said...

Love love love! Your menu is adorable! Since you're already having dips maybe you could do Jessie's Ranch dip. Do you think people would get it? Haha. Or you could do Jessie's trail mix.

I got these balloons when I did a wild west party a couple of years ago. They would look cute mixed in with other balloons in your party colors

Kim Luke said...

Ohhh I love the idea of Jesses Ranch dip! I get it, you get it. Im sure other people will too! lol

And i love love the balloons!!! thanks for the idea!!!!

Sarah said...

LOVE it!!

Google Toy Story cupcakes. Adorable & Easy to make!!!! And I really think you should use the pictures with the Woody shirt!! Nothing says happy birthday TWO year old better :)

Kim Luke said...

hahaha I thought about it. I have a couple weeks to try and get a good pictures, we shall see!! I might try portrait innovations for the first time just to have birthday pictures back in time.
and Oh yeah, I’m making my own cupcakes. I’m practicing this Sunday when my family comes over to see if they like them lol
I’ve been watching ALOT of cupcake shows lately, and I’m obsessed!!!! I doubt I’m going to get all creative on the toy story cupcakes because I just won’t have enough time. so I bought toy story cupcake cups and picks to go in them