Friday, April 22, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess my husband is off work today, and he got up with Landon at 7:30 and took him into the living room so I could sleep since I didn't sleep AT ALL. last night because of the storms. Around 8am I wake up to the smell of breakfast. (I jump out of bed SO excited! baha hellooooo I'm pregnant!!!) Only to get into the kitchen and see he made breakfast for him & Landon. Isn't he the sweetest thing ever?!?!?! :

I confess Wednesday night I got a full 8 hours of unawakened sleep. Thank you baby2, Thank you Landon!!!!!

I confess that I had the new frozen strawberry lemonade from McDonald's and it was DELICIOUS. Probably should have ordered a small though.

I confess that Sarah K is letting me borrow LB's bounce house for Landon's birthday party. HELLOOOOO, she just saved this momma almost $200!!! god bless her!

I confess that I am making the ham for Easter Sunday again this year and I am very nervous considering my ham last year was 3 hours undercooked. I didn't know the damn thing had a bone in it people. lol

I confess that I am thankful my doctors appointment is Monday and not today because doc Snowden would put me on high blood pressure medicine. (yes, still mad about confession #1)

I confess there are 3 days left til my doctors appointment and I AM SO EXCITED!! I just can't wait to start shopping for baby!!! and most importantly give baby A NAME!!!!! If we ever agree on one! Maybe it will be easier once we know the sex!

I confess that I am so thankful to have the absolute best bff!!!! Why is it she is the only person that understands me??? get with it people!!!

I confess our patio is DONE!!

just needs some plants and things around it. then on to our next backyard project!!!

Go Ahead, Confess!!!! :)

Hope everyone has a fabulous Easter weekend!!!

Be looking for a facebook or blog post Monday to see if Baby is a BOY or GIRL!!!!


Cassie said...

bahaha - we are bffs because you say things like, if she does anything to you i will tie her down and shave off her hair and eyebrows. baha. i am still laughing about that!!

Kelly Muench said...

Love your Blog too Kim! Have a Great Easter!!

Kacie said...

My mom and I are going shopping Monday so you have to let me know so I can get HER something:) we need to exchange numbers

Kim Luke said...

BAHAHAHAHA CASSIE- I just spit my sweet tea out!! I forgot I said that. I'm so mean!! LMAO but know I got your back! :)

Thanks Kelly!! :)

Kacie- I like hearing HER. It's weird, but something I could definitely get use to!!!! :)
I'll get your # from Cassie & I'll text you!

Adrien said...

Your patio turned out NICE!

I confess that I'm jealous you have a girl bff. I totally don't.

Sarah said...

I confess that it makes my heart happy I can save you a couple hundred buckaroos!!! Woohoo!!!

ADRIEN!!! You have a whole blog world of girl BFFS. We looove you :)