Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A-Z All About ME!

I took this off of a friends blog today!

The house is quiet because Landon is sleeping, and well...if I do this I can postpone cleaning! :)

Play Along! I'd love to know more about you!

A. Age: 23

B. Bed size: King! Which still isn't big enough on the nights Landon decides to sleep with us!

C. Chore you dislike: folding and putting away laundry. I don't mind washing it, its the aftermath I hate! .

D. Dogs: 2, Envy & Lola

E. Essential start to your day: potty break then getting Landon a glass of milk

F. Favorite color: Purple, Pink & Lime Green

G. Gold or silver: Silver

H. Height: 5'6"

I. Instruments you play(ed): clarinet and the air guitar! ha!

J. Job title: Stay at home mommy & wife

K. Kids: Landon & Baby No Name :)

L. Live: In a house in Waterloo, IL

M. Mom’s name: Debbie

N. Nicknames: Mommy, Kimi, Kim Kim

O. Overnight hospital stays: Only when I had Landon

P. Pet peeves: #1 thing that drives me crazy is when people sing the wrong lyrics to a song. drives me nuts! lol

Q. Quote from a movie: Seriously, all I can think about right now is quotes from Toy Story. so. "You forgot rootinst tootinst" - Woody (Danes favorite part of the entire movie! LOL)

R. ?? There is no R? Ok, I'll make one up. Radio Station: 92.3, 93.7 & 107.7

S. Siblings: 2 Older sisters & 1 younger brother

T. Time you wake up: normally between 7-8

U. Underwear: usually wear them everyday.

V. Vegetables you don’t like: peas

W. What makes you run late: My kid!

X. X-rays you’ve had: my ankles

Y. Yummy food you make: Potatoes on the grill. they are currently my new fav!

Z. Zoo animal favorites: I love looking at the monkeys & giraffes!


Meagan said...

Omg! I didn't even realize that there was no "r" when I did mine! Wonder if I accidentally deleted it or if the person I copied it from didn't have it either?!

Kim Luke said...

hahah I have no idea! I typed I would add it in... then I realized I had NO IDEA what to write for R. lol O well :)