Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's OK

To not want to cook dinner one night and don't want to go anywhere to get food so you make a cheap dinner you bought at wal-mart.. And then take 2 bites and feed the entire thing to the dogs.It was the worst thing I've EVER put in my mouth!!!! BLAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! So I had a brownie for dinner last night. Baby liked!

To have a name picked out for your little girl, and you still haven't told anyone it is her name! Idk what I'm waiting for... the right moment I guess :)

To sit and take CamWow pictures for hours of your family and pets. Seriously, I burned 500 calories laughing last night!

To not give a damn about the Royal Wedding. Seriously, is it over yet?

That every time you take a shower you think about people peeing in there and you wonder if you are standing in someone elses pee. ucck!!

To buy as many things I want for baby as I want, even though people are telling you its "too early".. I don't like to hear that. so stop! :)

To shut your bedroom door all week to avoid making the bed. Seriously, what is my problem? it takes 2 minutes.

To think this post is a lot like Confession Friday--But I'm bored and don't want to watch Handy Manny and my 30 day picture challenge is over! Waaaahhhh!


Adrien said...

Haha, I can't get into the royal wedding stuff, either. Just not interested. You should make a game out of the name you picked and give us hints! Haha. I want to guess it. :)

Sarah said...

It's ok...

to only make your bed whenever your having company. What's the point, really? Your just going to get back in it.

to be honest with you about changing your background. bahaha. I get the just reminds me of some weird Japanese movie.

to not tell your husband that you accidently backed into another car the other day. He's on a need to need basis. Besides there weren't any marks on either vehicle.

to be the only person in the world without a high tech cool cell phone. I don't think I would know how to turn the thing on let alone do anything cool like CamWow.

Kim Luke said...

Haha Sarah that made be laugh!! I totally agree, it does look Japanese lol

adrien- id love to give hints! I just don't know what they would be without giving it away! Cassie cant play lol

Cassie said...

cassie won't play. but cassie is excited!! lol.

it's ok to pee in the shower. just do it!! it all goes down the drain!

Heather Rahn said...

I think you should do another poll with the name. Just put like, 3 other random names on their with the real one and see if we can guess it!

Heather Rahn said...

Oh, and I confess that I laugh every time I post a comment on your blog and I have to do the word verification. Because I can picture Cassie sitting at her desk cussing you out every time she has to do it.

Meagan said...

It's ok to leave Aladdin on even though the kids aren't watching it & Keegan keeps saying that he doesn't like's one of my favorites!!

Kim said...

You have to do a word verification?? What! I hate those things!!!!!!!! I need to fix that!!!!!!

I'm watching Aladdin too!!!! Landon isn't watchig it but I love it! Lol

Cassie said...

bahahaha - yes heather, i do. i virtually flip you off kim. lol. love you.